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Now that you know what size of dance floor you are getting, it's time to pick a pattern! It can be either all white, all black or a combination of both. We've designed a few patterns to give you a better idea of what they will look like put together. If you don't see the pattern you were envisioning, simply send us an e-mail with your idea and we will do our best to make it work!


‚ÄčOur custom dance floors can be designed to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes from the most intimate weddings all the way to the most grand events!  

Use the Dance Floor Sizing Guide to help you decide what size of floor is suitable for your event. We suggest that approximately half to two-thirds of your guests will be on the dance floor at one time. Your venue may also be able to suggest a size for you as they know what fits best with table arrangements and room dimensions.  


BOXED Dance floor

STRIPED Dance floor

WHITE Dance floor

BLACK Dance floor

CHECKERED Dance floor


Dance Floor Sizing Guide